I was born and grew up in Romania, in Bucharest. I was lucky and unlucky to spend part of my life before the Revolution. Lucky – because at that time, with all the shortcomings and proverbial deficiencies – people were cleaner, more faithful and better. There were genuine intellectuals – that today we hardly have a chance to meet or to remark – still uncorrupted by the system and the attraction of money. Values were appreciated, education was more solid, the principles of life really existed and they were also observed. Materialism was almost imperceptible, and people thinking and existence were not so severely distressed. The misfortune of the existence during the communist period consisted in specific difficulties and horrors of that regime.

My parents, engineers, were state employees all their life, earning the equivalent of $ 100 a month. However, they have provided a decent life for me and I enjoyed a perfect childhood. And also an education. I owe them a lot. In his speech at the Oscar winning, Italian director Roberto Benigni thanked his parents for their greatest gift to him – poverty !! No, I have not won the Oscar and I have not missed anything, but you get the idea … I was always pushed by the desire and the ambition to overcome my condition, to access those peaks that seemed unattainable. This impulse was decisive for my entire life.

Top of the form in school, although I was not the nerd type (on the contrary), participant in Mathematics and Romanian Olympiads, I graduated from one of the best high schools in Bucharest, Mathematics-Physics. I have higher education in Economics and Law.

Sportsman and with a lot of personality ever since I was a child, in kindergarten I was preferred by all educators. I do not remember what I was telling them, but they often took me home with them. By the 8th grade I was known as „best fighter”. At 12 I obtained an important chess category, this success being followed by several school prizes in this field. In school I often played chess with some of the teachers, thus having a privileged statute. I also played table tennis till I came of age, with significant results.

After the revolution I started to specialize in real estate. I started as a realtor and I opened my own company. I was working, going to college, too, but I was also having a lot of fun. I haven’t missed too much of what was happening in the nightlife of Bucharest. I experienced this area a lot, which helped a lot later on. I will write about it sometime.

I worked extremely hard for many years, from Monday morning to Sunday evening. Very much stress and extremely mentally consuming. Success in business was notable, however, reaching a significant level. I worked in real estate, securities, media, law, sports. For 8 years I was a shareholder of the club Dinamo almost for almost 2 years its President. Interesting experiences, specific football and business activities. This period brought me notoriety in Romania, with inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Although I remained active in the business area, I decided to completely exit the sports one. The reasons are mainly related to the characteristics of football envirenment, which do not represent me. Perhaps fate, but also my own psychological maturation, made me completely change the way of seeing and living my life. And I’m very happy for that. I approached – initially just for fun – an extremely different area, which in time has come to represent the main area of activity and interest – the film industry. Currently, apart from certain remaining business, I work as a film producer and actor. The following targets are becoming a screenplay writer and director.

I am a perfectionist, which can be a great quality and a great defect. I do not know yet, life is going to show me which way it is. Because my mind demands that everythingI do must be at the highest level. In case this is not possible, I prefer to quit than to accept mediocrity. It is an issue which essentially defines me. In addition, I believe that I completed the moral principles without which I can not understand the existence.

Without talking big, I am the kind of person who appreciates a man exclusively by the mental or spiritual qualities that person has. I am so happy that I managed to allow myself the luxury of having no financial or social level interest as a criterion for selecting people with whom I spend my time. My few real friends have a high spiritual and intellectual level.

I have enough defects. I am aware of them and I work on my personal evolution. It’s even a way of life that defines me. Over time, I became aware that there is no perfection in this world, which gave me acceptance, trust and relaxation.

I am happy when I help people and found out myself how big is the satisfaction and the self-complacency when you provide help for those who desperately need it. I understand how much you can win in life by fairness, word and seriousness. Unfortunately, few understand it today.

I consider I have reached a level of maturity, experience and proper understanding of life. I formed my own concept on life based on experiences, gained knowledge and an early form of revelation, which consists in the fact in clarifying my thinking. Education, personal experiences, life so far, knowing so many people from all backgrounds and social levels, living so many situations of various types, all these have played a decisive role. In time, I learned and I noted the experiences of others, from which I have also drawn important conclusions. I had the opportunity to access the very many different backgrounds. I understand and so I derived my own conclusions about human psychology. Besides all this, I enlarged and I permanently increase my knowledge base. In addition to daily life, I approached various sciences that I am into and that helped me get to – I say – a deeper understanding of things: astronomy, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy , religion, esotericism. I can not claim to have reached deep knowledge, allocating probably not enough time to study, but I believe that I managed to learn and to have basic knowledge of each.

Well, having the chance to go through so many situations and experiences, with the opening and also the passion to address such sciences and elements of knowledge and also having something that comes from within which belongs to the way I think and feel, I came to certain conclusions. About existence, about people, about the importance of spiritual values, about pur purpose and our role in this life, about society, etc. Many of the conclusions I reached to are unfortunately way out of the modern and pragmatic approach to life. And that because they bring to the fore the true values – spiritual, totally antithetical to radically materialistic approach to life by contemporary man. These conclusions drive into a corner the smallness and narrowness of material life compared with values and spiritual evolution, but which also bring arguments in favor of noble human qualities: kindness, altruism, love, dignity, moral cleanliness, etc.

But, besides the conclusions, there were very many questions. These are questions that people, in the whirl of their small, unimportant and material life they live do not have time to ask themselves. Very few do, and even fewer get to be concerned in finding the answers. Sure, they are not just questions. They are Big questions: Who are we? How did we came to life and which is our purpose on earth? Does Life make sense or is it just a coincidence? Will we exist after material death? And if so, in what form and where? Are there Parallel Universes? Do we have a soul? Will we reincarnate as a result of spiritual evolution or involution? And if so, where? And in what form? How was the universe created and who created it? Are our lives for real or they are just a dream? Do we create our own reality? Are we guided only by your own brain, or also by our spirit? What is Life and Who created it? What is Death? Is there destiny or not? Etc.

Today, although involved in the social and professional activities which I mentioned above, I allocate considerable time to study, trying to answer to as many of the questions above-listed. Even if incomplete and poorly crystallized, but reached by many of those following the path of knowledge, the answers arrived today to be part of my principles of life and will provide many of the topics about which I am going to write about.

Three quotes I consider representative:

1.”When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. This is my religion.” Abraham Lincoln

2.”We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

3.”It is not easy to live after death. It takes a lifetime.’’ Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

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