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The untapped strength of a beautiful woman

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       For a man, a beautiful woman means almost everything. First, she is the muse. She inspires him, she gives him creativeness, she makes him understand the meaning of life. She makes him more human, a better man, his best version. She changes his existence, she shows him the beauty of the world, she gives him the strength to conquer the world. The beuatiful woman is man’s utmost drug. She brings addiction and insatiability. But physically she offers him everything that meet his instinctual needs, bringing him peace, relaxation, happiness. A beautiful woman is also the ideal mother of his children, and the one he wants close to him. This way she makes him complete.

       Do you realize how much a man can offer in order to receive these things? If he finds the one, probably everything.

       Over time, the responses given by the young and beautiful girls participating in Miss competitions became proverbial. Almost invariably, these girls claimed that the main motivation of their lives was to save the world or to make it better, thus prompting laughter from the audience, because it sounded at least hilarious. In a world of power and money held mainly by men, these ideas seem utopian, if not ridiculous. In any case, no one made light of such a statement said as a poem, coming from a beautiful girl.
       But I came to realize that those who were laughing about such ideas stated by these young ladies – and I confess I was one of them – were seriously wrong.

       The world we live in has a highly polarized social level, in which few people have assets and enormous influence, and the great mass of people is struggling at the limit of subsistence. The main deciders and power centers – mainly in the business world – are made up of men. They are those who can mobilize the most important financial resources. Personally, I met quite a lot, having some close friends among them. But I noticed something essential: women are the only persons having the power of influence over them! And especially the very beautiful ones, obviously due to the natural weakness of men in front of them. I think that an experienced person is aware of how great may be the influence of such a woman over the rich and powerful man she sits next to, without remembering the historical events that changed the world, due to the women that influenced some of the most important decisions taken by men.

       Concretely, I wish I could make at least few women standing next to these men aware of the fabulous force they have at their reach, and of the extraordinary way in which it can be used. This natural force, combined with humanity, warmth and love – qualities that define a woman – can convince the most powerful, influencing and rich men to make gestures that can truly change the world. Allocating money or aids for a noble case or humanitarian activity, saving the life of sick children, providing food, medical assistance or shelters for some severely disadvataged categories of people, initiating humanitarian projects, etc, can make up truly noble purposes, which once achieved, can spiritually transform people and uplift them, can make a better world.

       The wives of powerful men can do such things if they have this initiative and if they assign special time for it. Unfortunately, few do. But it’s not them who I want to refer to in the first place, but to that type of extremely beautiful and sexy girl which gets next to such a man, as his girlfriend, mistress, occasional partner or just courted woman. Usually, she lives in such an exorbitant luxury and she gets anything she wants from that man. And there are plenty of such examples. If such a person proposes to that man to do such a gesture, which she will handle to the smallest details, the chances to convince him will definitely tend to the fullest. Personally, I understood and I often saw with my own eyes how big may be a woman’s power to influence the decisions taken by a powerful man. Basically, it is the only determinant over him, backed up, of course, by the natural power of seduction a woman has. The more beautiful and intelligent a woman is, the greater is her power of seduction, and also her influence over a man. Almost without exception, the man will want to show the woman that he is human, that his financial power is large and that he can change human destinies in better, hoping to impress her and to earn her admiration or even her love. Because in certain situations, a man does almost everything for a beautiful woman.
       If at some point, well chosen, the woman whispers to the man’s ear her kind request that he does a noble thing as a favor for her, she will certainly not be refused. Or if the woman he courts induces him the idea of convincing her of his humanity by making a certain gesture, then putting into practice of these extraordinary human things is guaranteed.

       I admit that the inspiration for this idea came from the reality. I saw a noble gesture made by a beautiful woman who exercised her power over the rich and influencing man next to her. And he was glad to do it. The result is that today a large number of children from a very poor country have their food and healthcare provided for a long period of time. She impressed me and she gained my full respect, but she also made me realize the extraordinary power of a woman over a man, and how much she can change the world by using her own qualities.

       Therefore, ladies, please believe me and please realize that you have the greatest power at your reach! The real power over a strong man! You have the power of doing incredible things! It lies within your powers to save people, to change destinies, to bring smiles on the faces of children and needy people, to truly make a better world. Mor than that, it is extremely easy for you. I don’t want to point out in detail the great advantages resulting from such a noble initiative. But I think that this way you save yourself, you save your soul, you give a real meaning to your life, you also save that man that almost certainly will not have such an initiative by himself (and there is a strong conflictual contradiction between the way of doing business at a very high level and doing such noble gestures), you help him by mitigating the natural hatred of the crowd of ordinary people on him, but also by attracting the sympathy and the respect of many, and – the most important – you help people and you really create the basis for a better world. Definitely not the least, this way you can earn the full respect of that man, and I dare to guarantee that you will mean a lot in that man’s eyes, much more than the beautiful woman he is physically attracted to.
       I would be happy if this good thought was materialized by the most of you. I would declare myself irremediably conquered if I once understood that you have done all these things and that you have used all your qualities and your undeniable humanity. I know that most of you have, beside the physical beauty, that inner beauty that can earn hearts and save souls! Because nowadays only you can do such great deeds.

       As for me, such a woman who gets to do or to contribute to such noble, human, full of kindness gestures can only earn my total respect for life, any other negative thing she would do would have almost no importance. In addition, it practically cancels all the preconceptions of the society towards them, and also any sense of guilt they might be dealing with.

       By doing only such a thing in life, beside the happiness resulting from the gratitude and contentment of the man you helped, you, as a human being, will know deep in your heart that you have not lived in vain…

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