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First Article – The reasons for this blog

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       We currently live in a deeply material world that has forgotten everything about: kindness, warmth, love, morality, principles of humanity and even God. Money is the supreme King of society. Everyone’s a craze for money. We attend and participate in an ongoing struggle in our society, with any weapons. Despite the technological development, people have become much worse, more frustrated, more bitter in social struggles. We act as in a jungle. Only few of us have moral rules. The only rules are the laws that are complied with only by fear. There are almost no examples of clean, moral, principled people. We rarely see dignity. However, these few exceptions are lost in a sea of embarrassment and compromise. We observe powerless the promotion of tenuity, bad taste, non-values, raised in time to the rank of examples. At the ‘top’ notch of our society there is almost no honor, no word, no morals, no faith. Demagogy, hypocrisy and lies dominate. We are addicted to television, press and internet. The vast majority summarizes its existence to material life and does everything just to ‘live the moment’, believing that is the only purpose of life.
       From a spiritual perspective, however not very demanding, I appreciate the overall picture of the society we live in today looks pretty pathetic.

       1. On a spiritual level, for some time I ”suffer” from inner feeling that is based on emotions, experiences, and a certain way of understanding life. This is the source of certain spiritual and human thoughts, which I sometimes wish to share with others because I know they are deep and clean. And that they can produce inner vibration. And I also know that sometimes the inner vibration of the person beside you can make you vibrate, too. Then, this kind of feeling and a nice way of thinking may be examples for people, and even ideals. They can reveal a human way of seeing life, focused on the things that really matter, which rise above the material. I do not propose being an opinion maker, although at some point such a thing can become an ideal, but I think that a first objective can be unveiling an example to see things from a different perspective, an example of acting and reacting differently from the majority in this superficial world.

       Although I am active in the material world on a daily basis, I think I can reveal some depth born out also from experience, but especially from my own feeling. I feel as if some ideas are understood by people around, it will make them ask themselves questions about their way of seeing life. Questions that can lead to waking up the consciousness. My hope is that, reflecting on such things and even pausing a moment from the madness and the tempest of the life they live, some people can become better and cleaner. For this kind of ideas and shared experiences can open the valves of the soul. Sure, I’ll explain in more detailed articles exactly what I refer to.

       In addition, I understood what I can pass on to people. I look around to the miserable society in which we have come to live, totally impoverished of value and principles, full of malice, envy and even hatred, flooded by tenuity and devoided of humanity and decency. I can not and do not want to adapt to such awkward trends and I know that there are enough good people who think the same, but which can not resist the scourge of materialism, superficiality and moral filth that surrounds the entire society. Quality people seem to be a different species, endangered of extinction. Affected, they endure society trend on a daily basis, as if they are waiting for something. But that something can not occur overnight. That something, that refusal of enrollment in the trend, can only come from the attitude of rejection, manifested by most of us.

       2. A personal reason for which I decided to launch this blog is that generally I am perceived completely different from the way I am. Activating in the world of business for so long, a completely material one, it’s normal that people categorize you as one. That’s what happened to me to the full. With the launch of this blog which actually equates to disclosing the inner me, I think many will be highly surprised. No where they can suspect my inclination towards things of real value, non-material, towards principles and knowledge. Quite the opposite. They only saw a false glow, completely material, often embarrassingly painted by the tabloids, in their usual tone. Normally, this thing should not even interest me. But I am interested very much in terms of communication and relationship with people of real value both in my homeland and throughout the world , people that I already know, or that I will know in the future.

       I believe I have something to pass on to the bystanders. That is why today, more than ever, I appreciate any personal achievement that the public gets to note, for I know that because of these important achievements there is a chance that some of the public becomes more interested in the ideas, thoughts and the principles of life I want to present on this blog. People will wonder what does a person who has succeeded in a particular field have to say or to pass on to the society. With that achievement, that person earns the quality of being heard and even of being taken into account. Although initially this quality can only be translated by arousing curiosity, it represents an important quality. Sure, I have no doubt that I will be analyzed, criticized and even attacked because of the presented ideas, but it is a risk I already assumed with all my trust and openness.

       3. It is said that one’s mission on this Earth is to build a house, plant a tree and have a child. Personally, I think this is very little. I think the role of a person able to think is also to leave to his fellow men some of his thoughts, his feelings, his conclusions. In fact, this is how the human society has evolved. It is everyone’s way to contribute to the material or spiritual evolution. From a different perspective, I think it is enough to any normal human being to remember for a moment certain feelings, emotions, or to acknowledge the Divine existence, for his attitude towards his own life, or his fellows to change in better.The things I refer to transform us and bring us again, at least for the moment, to our initial quality which we forget so often, being HUMANS.
       Unfortunately, these days there are very few people who have inner determination to do such things, that can pose in good examples for the bystanders, not having political or social interests, or of any other nature. And I am not happy about this at all. Personally, however, I feel I have something to offer in this respect. Having no writing experience, I’d consider a huge success being able to describe in an accurate and understandable manner what I feel and think.

       Beside these things, this blog could be a tool of demanding criticism on certain social issues. I notice the media promotes a lot of dirts and embarassing subjects. The same media, eager to sell, flings mud on subjects and many persons of real value. Everything is thrown in an embarassing blender, contaminated by various interests. And there are very few who take action! There are extremely few those wo ammend the lameness, speak their mind with courage, decency and fairness, and correct even a small part of infamy. Despite the fact that there are a lot of persons who, having common sense and decency, totally disagree to what they see. They are deeply disgusted and they can do nothing about it. They don’t even have a way to express themselves. I would be delighted to gather on this blog people of real value, with whom I can communicate and exchange normal, profound, human, intelligent ideas. In addition, such a blog can score moments, actions, events and attitudes of real quality, that were passed over by the media, which unfortunately promotes only what it sells better – lameness, tenuity, immorality.

       I hesitated a long time to decide to launch this blog. At one point I asked myself if it was necessary to intervene with such attitudes and thoughts in this huge superficial. I thought it would be a waste of time. And yet … There are enough people of value, people who still respect the true values and who feel besieged by the flood of non-value, tenuity, dehumanization. In fact, they are the only people who can still do something about changing for the better of the society we live in. They also have children, or will have and they are probably terrified by the gloomy prospects of their lives in such type of society. Besides them, many people are spiritually and morally ‘asleep’, hibernating. They ‘adapted’ to the realities of life, they accepted that ‘this is the situation’. I’m sure that certain things, those I mentioned above, can wake them up, cand activate them, can make them refuse to adapt to this moral standard imposed by the society and can make them remember who they are, what they really are, how they were born and which are their true ideals, true values, they can make them cleaner, more dignified, more human. And, with a minimal change or awakening of those people, in turn, they can influence others for the better, they can make them become better.

       In an extremely brief manner, over time I posted some ideas on my Facebook profile. With some exceptions, this is not the audience I wish to address to, although at a certain point the ideas I expose are addressed to everybody. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that enough comments were coming from people who understand things correctly and deeply, with arguments and counter arguments presented extremely elegant. Quite a few have commented off-topic, not understanding enough of my exposures, but still in decent limits. And others were just beside the point, showing extreme superficiality. They were usually the most critical and I would say the worst. I understand everyone, on their level of understanding. Some people managed to surprise me with an absolutely high level of understanding and intellectual and spiritual preparation, debating issues with them happening in a pleasant and constructive manner.
       Sure, at another level, I will meet on the blog about the same types of people. I hope more well-prepared people, capable of such disputes and intelectual debates will join in. It will be a real pleasure to talk to each of them. I am ready to debate with them.

„Debate with the fool! You won’t achieve fame, nor benefits anyway… But why not having fun sometimes?
Debate with a man your size: no matter who wins, you have at least the satisfaction that you fought.
Debate with a man beneath you; debate not for the desire of winning, but for the one of helping.
Debate with a man smarter than you: he will win … But though you lose, you get something that will help you.”

I.S. Turgheniev

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