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February 28, 2015

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People are surprising. I am often surprised that they do not understand many of the basic principles of their own existence. First, people do not realize or they forget that absolutely everything they have in this life, in material terms, is rented. And that’s primarily because their own existence is absolutely limited in time. And when they leave this world, they can not take anything with them. When they have a certain influence or power in society, they do not realize how less important it is in relation to the real dimmension of life, nor that very soon they will lose that influence or power. They come to consider themselves gods, in reality being nothing but ants. When they have that power, people lose their minds, and when they do not have it anymore they fall completely destroyed, shocked to find how small they actually are.

People are unduly greedy, related to how much they need, in material terms, for themselves and for their families and for all their close ones. Almost all the time they miscalculate and they do not size correctly their material needs. And especially to the their limited life in time. They are blinded in their rush after material things. They do not realize how unimportant they are and mostly they do not realize they can pass away at all tides. Very few understand that, in this regard, they should either leave something important behind them – from a material perspective – or to evolve as much as they can and to and raise their spiritual level – of course, from a spiritual perspective.

In their vast majority, people are living in a tight material circle, without seeing almost anything beyond it. And they do not even look outside, because they do not even suspect that there would be something out there  …

People do not have enough time to understand the meaning of life. Very few, those a bit more intelligent or enlightened come to perceive correctly the principles of life from an early age. The others understand these things too late, after they made many mistakes and have severely damaged a lot around them, oftentimes their own life or even their own soul. And the most never understand.
But even without something irreversible happening to them, by understanding it too late they have so little time to evolve … And they do not get to do it, they are already too old and they die. And spiritual evolution does not occur.
People do not realize that their whole existence may become important to them or to the others only if a determinant spiritual evoluation occurs.

Just some after-midnight thoughts… ;)

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