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Facebook Status - February 24, 2015

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A man is never happy, he spends his entire life struggling to achive something he thinks it will make him happy; he rarely achieves his goal, and when he does he gets nothing but a big disappointment: happiness last half a moment. Chasing happiness, in time he becomes a wreck, and then it doesn’t even matter how happy or unhappy he was. His happiness never lasted for more than a moment, which has always disappeared. Moreover, he realizes the achievement of this state too late, when the moment is already gone.

People, in general, perceive happiness after they achieve some material things, or when they have certain psychological, emotional or physical satisfaction, caused mainly by the release of endorphins. Starting from the obvious idea that happiness is a state generated by our own mind,  own brain through own sensations and feelings, then any man may be able to achieve happiness through the exercise of the mind, from the inside. Consequently, at least in theory, the human mind is able to set itself on the mode of living at a very high level of feeling, compatible with the condition that we call ‘happiness’. We are able to be happy and to perceive happiness focusing only on this idea, practicing, by self-suggestion, playing all the information, without actually depending on anything from the outside.

It seems that in order to achieve happiness, the most important thing is training our mind in this regard.

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