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Facebook Status - February 14, 2015

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A giant step in one’s personal evolution is to eliminate frustrations. It is huge because ar hard as it is, it is also important. And I refer here to the elimination of personal frustrations, coming from our own incapacities and failures, as well as to the frustrations towards others, that come from the depressing comparison of your personal achievements and their material, professional, social, etc. ones.

Why is it so important? Because it changes your life, your existence and sets you free. By eliminating the frustrations you smooth the path to peace, fulfilment and hapiness. The elimination of frustrations brings the sense of complete fulfilment. Life will seem to have a different taste, will make sense, everything will become more simple, more clear, more beautiful. Malice will diminish or it will even disappear, taking a big load off your chest. Noble feelings towards people and everything around you will appear. By eliminating the frustrations you become pleased with your life, with your place, with your destiny. The desire for evolution will then come naturally, with no fierceness, as a native call of your human nature. And that evolution you wish for will really happen.

It’s not simple, but it is possible. First you need to aknowledge your qualities and defects. With pluses and minuses, remaining aware that all people are the same. There is no perfection and there is a balance of these pluses and minuses in all of them.

An important step would be the acknowledge of karmic laws. From them you can understand that everything that happens in life, good or bad, is closely related to your person and to what you offer to others. The result of your life will come straight from what you offer to others.If you offer kindness and love, this is what you will get in return. If you offer hatred and malice, this is exactly what will come back at you.

I wrote these few words as I am increasingly stunned, disappointed and bereaved by everything that is happening in the society in general and in particular in the Romanian one. People are full of frustrations. They feel vicarious pleasure, and they suffer enormously for other people’s succeses. They fill up with malice and they feed themselves with other people’s problems, instead of their own accomplishments. Because by thinking this way, they will not succeed anymore. They will be burden by these accumulated negative energies and growing frustrations, thus contaminating the whole society. Unfortunately, this is the current trend.

As an aside, I lived today a great disapointment, seeing that persons that once set Thames on fire with their qualities and met social appreciation and aknowledgment, fell on the slippery slope of frustrations, by comparison to others who went beyond them then and there. The irony is that those persons blame the frustrated people bearing them a grudge, but in turn they put themselves in the same situation, that of frustrated people, in regard to those who „allowed” themselves, by a more intelligent approach of some things or social environments, to leave them behind.

As a conclusion, even those who succeed and get out of ruck are seriously injured by the same ugly scourge of frustration. Many times, more powerful. Sad, even pathetic.

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